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Roof Hatches


Atlite Skydoor

Atlite Skydoor- designed in Australia for Australian conditions.

Bringing new life to the traditional access hatches, the Skydoor from Atlite provides a welcome alternative, allowing roof access, and natural lighting to your home or workplace.


The double-glazed glass maintains a stable internal environment all year round.


As a standard, all Skydoors come with sleek edge-to-edge clear glass, with an option to choose from custom tinting of opal, grey, solar cool evergreen, blue or bronze. Nano coating to the glass also comes as standard.

The Skydoors come with a non-corrosive, non-combustible finish with a BAL40 rating, making them excellent for houses by the beach and bushfire-prone areas. They have been rigorously tested to ensure they are leak-proof, rail, hail, and cyclone resistant in extreme conditions.


The low profile and compact design makes the Skydoor suitable for all roof types and pitches. The Zincalume finish allows for colour matching to any COLORBOND steel colours, with flashing available.


 Using linear pivot actuators enables easy access onto your roof garden without taking up any of your roof space.

Atlite Pivot or Sliding Access Hatch

The Atlite Pivot or Sliding Access Hatch allows for easy access on commercial buildings, perfect for access for servicing of plant and equipment.

All access hatches come with an insulated all-metal top, and gas struts to assist with opening, for safe operation. There are toggle clips to lock from the inside.

The hatches come with a raw aluminum finish or can be custom powder coated to suit.

If partial light is required, the access hatches are available with Atlite Energilite top.

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