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Gorter roof hatches provide convenient, safe and easy access to roof terraces allowing for maintenance of solar panels, cooling installations, window cleaning and access to other facilities on rooftops, as well as being used as an escape hatch.


Gorter roof hatches have assisted-opening with counterbalance, and controlled closing. This means the hatch can always be opened and closed with one hand, and minimal effort. Its also possible to unlock the hatch with one hand, in order to close it.

With the RHT hatches, you can also elect to have electric control as an option. Through this add on, you can operate the roof hatch at the push of a button, or with sensors. The electric option see’s the hatch fitted with two electric motors , allowing the cover to open and close safely and sturdily, whatever the weather conditions. This can be operate from a control panel, a wireless remote control, or linking to existing building services or sensors such as rain sensors.


Gorter roof hatches can be installed on flat roofs, with maximum pitch of 30 degrees. They are constructed using stainless stell hinges, suitable for coastal environments. Gorter hatches are andonized, and have a powder coated finish, making them highly resistant to corrosion from harsh conditions, such as high wind, rain or sun exposure. The access hatches are able to be installedd in concrete, timber or steel hobs.


Gorter aluminium roof hatches are up to 3 x lighter than comparable steel hatches, with limited stress on the top structure. Gorter roof hatches are safety tested to the most stringent EN standards. The RHT aluminium roof hatches are CodeMark certified for Australia and NSW. One safety feature that has become a noted signature of Gorter, is the yellow handrail, providing a secure grip. With automatic locking in the open position, to ensure the roof hatch cannot slam shut unexpectedly and a 10 year warranty, Gorter roof hatches are strong, durable and reliable.


Gorter roof hatches can also be supplied in combination with matching ladder, scissor stair and fixed stair options, providing the total solution to you roof access needs.

Skylite are the leading resellers and installers of Gorter with NSW and the ACT. Call today or send through an enquiry form for a site meeting or for more information.

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