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Skylark Electric Concertina Ladder
From $5,500 (includ. GST)

Skylark Electric Aluminium Concertina Attic Stair

Introducing Skylark's newest ladder- the Aluminium Electric Concertina.

Skylarks first electric metal ladder, with non-slip treads and stunning Powder coated finish (only available in black).

One touch operation with the included remote control, and Bluetooth connectivity, this ladder boasts amazing features for a market competitive price.

A 66-degree climbing angle makes it easy to use, with the option to include a balance rail, mounted to the attic floor to assist with entering and exiting the attic space safely.


Hard-wired, with a on the underside of the hatch door, the Skylark Concertina can still be operated in the case of a misplaced remote. With the option for  battery back up as an added extra, to ensure the ladder can be operated in case of a blackout occurring, up to a period of two weeks (depending on usage).

The Skylark hatch door is airtight when closed, with insulation for good heat retention (u/value of 0.71), and has an impressive load rating of 150kg. It also comes with an 18 month warranty*

There are a wide variety of box sizes to choose from, from 550mm to 750mm wide and length, and ceiling heights up to 3.3m.


Skylite are proud resellers of this quality ladder in Australia. Contact us today for a quotation. If you are after a trade price, please send through your ABN with your enquiry.

Please note: Skylite do not offer installation with ladder purchases. We recommend sourcing a local carpenter in your area for install. Instructions for install are available on request.

*Warranty does not cover remote control

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