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The cost effective lighting solution, Solatube brings the benefits of natural light into your home, without compromising on style or efficacy. 

Australian owned, and an Australian invention, you know that Solatube is designed with Australian standards, environment and living in mind. 

Solatube's Brighten Up series dome, is designed to capture light, from almost every angle. This allows up to 600% MORE daylight into your home, even in winter.

With their new Daylight Function, the power of the sun can be used to control the sun. The Daylight Control system model includes remote controlled solar-powered baffle, that opens and closes at the touch of a button. You can adjust the light in your space, turn night to day, and everything in between. 

Solatube's customisable flashings are tailored to YOUR roof profile, for a leakproof, durable and attractive fit.


Skylite supply and install Solatube products across NSW, and the ACT.

Click the link below to see the full range of products, or visit out contact page for more information.

solatube skylight
Solatube skylight
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