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Atlite Skylight Sydney Skylite

Embrace the benefits of natural light in your home or office!

Designed and manufactured in Australia, in collaboration with Swinburne University's Centre for Design Innovation, as well as winners of the Good Design Award, these roof windows from Atlite are a shining light in the industry, with a wide range of skylights to suit any home or business.

All roof windows come with double-glazed glass (with a self-tinting option available), to optimise light flow, and reduce glare reduction, with UV reduced by up to 95%.

Atlite Premium Roof Windows come with a 5-star energy rating- keeping the heat out in the summer months, and maintaining a stable internal temperature during those cooler days.

Flyscreens come standard on all openable roof windows- allowing you to enjoy the fresh flow of air without allowing unwanted insects inside.

All Atlite roof windows are rigorously tested to ensure they are leak-proof, fire-resistant (BAL40 rated), non-combustible, as well as rain, hail, and cyclone resistant. Top this off with a 15-year product warranty, these windows are suited to withstand the extreme of Australian weather.

Select from one of the amazing standard sizes (see below) and designs, or choose from customisable options for that bespoke finish.

  • 550×800

  • 550×1000*

  • 550×1200

  • 550×1400*

  • 800×1000

  • 800×1200

  • 800×1400

  • 550×550

  • 800×800

  • 1000×1000

  • 1200×1200

  • 1400×1400

  • 1600×1600

   *can be portrait or landscape design


The top frame is able to be powder-coated to any COLORBOND steel colours, with flashing provided to suit all roof types. The low profile and compact design suits all roof types, with no pitch restrictions. 

Skylite are proud to be Atlite's lead supplier and installer of their amazing range, in NSW and the ACT. 

Call us or send through an enquiry via our contact page to get started. Review the Atlite Brochure below.

Atlite Showroom Melbourne
Atlite Roof Window Sydney Skylite
Atlite Roof Window Skylite Sydney
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